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 "Knowledge in (Dis (Service) of Public Interest" The Punch: Op-ed January 24, 2014 (Find here)

"Ifeoma Stella Obi (1981-2008): A Tribute" Nigeria World Friday September 12, 2008  (Find here)

"Obama McCain and Nigeria's Niger Delta" Nigeria World, Wednesday August 13, 2008 (Find here)

 "Imo State: Lessons from Anambra" Nigeria World Nigeria World, Friday August 31, 2007 (Find Here

"Nigerian Agriculture, Zimbabwean Farmers and, Gentic Modification" Nigeria World, Friday August 6, 2004 (Find here)

 "Adewopo, NCC and Dream Killers" Nigeria World, Wednesday November 30, 2005 (Find here)

 "Anambra State: The Moment of Truth" Nigeria World Wednesday December 15, 2004  (Find here)

'Anambra State: The Moment of Truth" Nigeria, World Wednesday, December 15, 2004 (Find here)

"Ngige, Dariye and the Presidency: The Morality of the Absurd" -Part I Nigeria World, Tuesday, November 30, 2004 (Find here)

 "Ngige, Dariye and the Presidency: The Morality of the Absurd" -Part II, Nigeria World,  Monday, December 6, 2004 (Find here

 "Achebe: Undeserving of Nigeria: Yes, Indeed!",  Nigeria World, Monday November 1, 2004 (Find here)

"Ending Emergency Rule in Plateau State: The Dariye Factor and Due Process", Nigeria World, Friday Novemver 12, 2004 (Find here)

"Of Owu, Balogun and Okija: The Anti-Democratic Dimension", Nigeria World, Thursday September 9, 2004 (Find here)

"The Vice President and the Judiciary", Nigeria World, Monday April 5, 2004 (Find here)

"Senator Wabara and the Politics of 'Stoop to Conquer'",  Nigeria World, Thursday April 25, 2004 (Find here)







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