Chidi Oguamanam


 Book Chapters

“Biodiversity Conservation in the Corpus of International Environmental Law” in Tareq M. Chowhury, ed., International Environmental Law: An Anthology (Dhaka: Asia Publications, forthcoming in 2011).

“Documentation and Digitization of Traditional Knowledge and Intangible Cultural Heritage: Challenges and Prospects” in Toshiyuki Kono, ed., Intangible Cultural Heritage and Intellectual Property: Communities, Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development (Antwerp: Intersentia, 2009) 357-383

“Trademarks, Trade Names in Nigeria: The Momentum for Reform” in Developments and Reforms of Nigeria’s Commercial Laws. Fagbohun & Adewopo, eds., (Lagos: The Law Centre, Lagos State University, 1998) 60

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 I am an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa and affiliated with the Centre for Technology, Law and Society. My research interests are in the areas of global knowledge governance in general, especially as manifested in the dynamics of intellectual property and technology law with emphasis on biodiversity, biotechnology, including agricultural biotechnology and the interactions of modern technologies with the knowledge systems of the world's indigenous and local communities.  More details...



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